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Essays & Commentary

Boston Comment

Pleiades  (January, 2014): On Risk: Brenda Shaughnessy’s Our Andromeda

Mangento : Language and Community

Contemporary Poetry Review : The “I” as Great Imposter

Drunken Boat : The Second Coming: 21st-Century Irish Americans
on Eugene O’Neill



(2008): In Light of Death: on Sarah Hannah’s Inflorescence

(2005): On Humes’ Alaskaphrenia

Contemporary Poetry Review

The Well-Wrought Void: On Christian Wiman

On Ange Mlinko’s Shoulder Season

The Tell-Tale Line

Great Expectations: D.A. Powell

Pretty Pieces


Three Invitations to a Far Reading

No Poet Left Behind—on the MFA Industry

A Terrible Beauty: D.A. Powell’s Trilogy

The Role of the Poet-Critic